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 Jennifer Aune is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Jennifer L. Aune Counseling,  a private counseling practice in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1999 with a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. She counsels adults, couples, children and families with a variety of challenges and mental health issues. She specializes in working with individuals diagnosed with medical illness and families who are caring for a loved one with special needs. She regularly advocates for individuals with special needs and provides presentations to the community on coping and grief. 

Jennifer is the mother of three children, her oldest  is diagnosed with a rare neurogenetic syndrome. Early on Jennifer decided to focus her daughter’s strengths and abilities in order for her daughter to live a life filled with love and joy. Some of the valuable lessons she has learned from her daughter are to take one day at a time, never take life for granted, celebrate the smallest accomplishments, find inner peace and laugh.  Jennifer’s experiences have taught her to be a better person and therapist and to understand the true meaning of  love, spirituality, connection and faith.  The daily challenges of caring for a child with special needs adds tremendous value and perspective in her counseling work.  She understands the tremendous benefits of mindful-based therapies such as meditation for overall health. 
Our Team of Co-Facilitators
Gayle Fisher is a mom to a gifted teenage daughter and also to a special needs young son who had an anaphylactic reaction to fire ant bites at 21 months of age. The resulting trauma stopped his body’s production of human growth hormone, and he started growing backward. Six years later, we are still working to recover from that back-set. She has learned from many experts top-quality learning interventions and how to implement them into their home life. Through LSC-Montgomery Gayle is able to share with other parents the urgent and important message of what to do to help their children’s learning delays.

It was Gayle’s mid-life crises that turned her focus from business to education. Having worked 20 years in construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, and consulting industries, she started working as both volunteer and employee in elementary schools because of her kids. It had taken 7 ½ years of night school to earn her Pre-Engineering AA degree from Houston Community College, and her Finance BBA degree from University of Houston. Recently, Gayle completed her M.Ed. from Texas A&M University, as an eLearner studying Education Technology and completing an internship at Education for Tomorrow Alliance www.efta-us.org. She has completed the first half of Alternate Certification, 4-8 Generalist, via ACT Houston, is an adjunct continuing education instructor at LSC-Montgomery. Visit Gayle’s website at www.GettingSorted.com.