Special Needs Sibs (SNS)  
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Our 2nd Year Meet-ups!   
January through December, 2014
January 2014
January 2014
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June  2014
Special THANK YOU for our sibling summer scholarships of sports, dancing and karate!   (We posted the photos on our Facebook pages)
August  2014
September  2014
October  2014
November  2014
December  2014

Our Mission:  We serve the typical siblings of all ages within local special-needs families with monthly customized meet-ups and summer sports scholarships, expanding into academic scholarships.

Since SNS is built on sparking the self-directed learning and intrinsic motivation of the young people we serve, we ask each of our sibs to contribute $2 toward the park rental that they earned at home doing chores. This helps them feel like it is their club, not just something given to them.
February 2015